Body Armour Assassin Fat Burner 200g + PERFUME FREE


Getting rid of that stubborn fat is not easy. That’s why you need to trust the experts from the house of Body Armour. Body Armour Assassin, when paired with the right diet and exercise routine, targets the excess fat in your body. It not only burns it but also converts the fat cells into useful energy. Carnitine and CLA work in perfect tandem to support weight loss and boost body metabolism at the same time while Caffeine helps your body burn more fat as fuel.
If fat is your enemy, Body Armour Assassin is what you need to bring in!

Serving size : 4g

Key Ingredients (per two servings):

L-Carnitine : 2500mg

CLA : 2500mg

Caffeine : 300mg

Vitamin D2

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